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Chamber Bucks:
Support Shopping Local


What is a Chamber Buck?

Chamber Bucks can be spent at any participating business in Lucas County, Iowa! It works just like a gift certificate.


Why Buy Chamber Bucks?

Chamber Bucks are the easiest way to keep money in our community! They make perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, giveaways or incentive programs. 

Where Can I Use Chamber Bucks?

You can redeem Chamber Bucks for products or services at any participating business. View the list on the Chamber Bucks Info Sheet.

How Do I Use Chamber Bucks?

You may redeem your Chamber Bucks at one location toward a single purchase of equal or greater value. If your purchase is less than the amount of your Chamber Bucks, you forfeit the remaining balance. 

Do Chamber Bucks Expire?

No, Chamber Bucks do not expire but we encourage you to use them soon to support local businesses! 

Who Buys Chamber Bucks? 

Anyone can buy them! Many employers purchase in bulk to hand out to employees for occasions throughout the year. 

What Denominations Can I Purchase Chamber Bucks In?

Chamber Bucks are available for $5, $10, or $20. 

How Do I Buy Chamber Bucks?

Contact the Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street Office:


As a Business, How Do I Accept Chamber Bucks?

  1. Thank your customer for shopping locally!

  2. Check the value of the Chamber Buck, which is indicated on the front of the certificate. 

  3. Apply the Chamber Buck's value to the customer's purchase like you would a check. The full amount must be used in one purchase. If the purchase is less than the amount of the Chamber Buck, the remaining balance is forfeited. 

  4. Turn the Chamber Buck over and write the date and location where it was redeemed and sign your initials!

  5. Bring the redeemed Chamber Buck(s) to Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street for speedy reimbursement via check!

Questions? Contact CAC/MS at (641) 774-4059.

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