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The blue outline represents Chariton's historic Main Street District as awarded in 2012. The red outline represents businesses, historic assets, and downtown housing that became part of the Main Street District in 2018.



Creates a strong foundation for community revitalization, cultivating partnerships, encouraging community involvement, and developing and identifying resources.


Positions the commercial district as a hub of economic activity and promotes a positive image that showcases our community's unique character.

Economic Vitality

Cultivates a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and businesses, focusing on capital, incentives, and other economic and financial tools.


Enhances our community's physical and visual assets, celebrating the historic integrity and creating an inviting and inclusive atmosphere for public spaces.

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What Are the Four Points?

  • The Main Street Approach is centered around Transformation Strategies. A Transformation Strategy articulates a focused, deliberate path to revitalizing or strengthening a downtown or commercial district’s economy.

  • A program’s work on Transformation Strategies is organized around the Four Points:  Economic Vitality, Design, Promotion, and Organization.

  • Transformation Strategies – generated through meaningful community engagement and informed by an analysis of the district’s market position — help to guide a revitalization program’s work. 

  • In 2012, Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street received its Main Street Iowa Community designation from the Iowa Economic Development Authority. 

  • Since then, we have incorporated the Main Street structure into our program and we have four Committees that work together to support community transformation:  Organization, Promotion/Tourism, Economic Vitality, and Design. 

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