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Chariton Floral & Gifts

February 2024

Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street is proud to feature one of our local contributing businesses in the monthly Small Business Spotlight.

This month, we are featuring
Chariton Floral & Gifts owned and operated by Megan Loynachan. We
 got her take on being a  new small bussiness owner in the Main Street District & running a floral shop here in Chariton. 

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What is your job title and role?

My name is Megan Loynachan, I am married to my husband Kent, and am a mother of 3 children, Habor (16), KentLee (14), and Gaje (12). I am the owner of Chariton Floral and Gifts, LLC.

How long have you been in business in Chariton?

Chariton Floral and Gifts, LLC formerly know as Chariton Floral started in October 2023. Chariton Floral has been around for many many years and I was honred when John Piershbacher approached me about taking it over. I had been working with my husband to run our construction business over the last 16 years, and I thought it would be a fun and exciting new challenge for me to take over the floral shop and make it my own. 

Describe your business

Chariton Floral and Gifts is everything that you would expect out of a floral shop. We pride ourselves on our arrangments and accommodating our customers every need. We have added a nice selection of gift items to the store including wind chimes, candles, picture frames and much more. 

Why do you do what you do?

I love to make people happy and the floral shop does that all day everyday. I love everything about it, from seeing the beautiful flowers in our coolers and in arrangments to taking a delivery and seeing faces light up when they open the door and recieve flowers unexpectedly. On the flip side of that when you have family come in to pick out flowers for their loved ones funeral adn they just need a quiet space to express their needs and wants to honor their loved ones, is is very specialand humbling to be able to help them with that process during those times. 

Was there a specific moment or realization where you made the decision to start your own business?

I owe the decision to take over Chariton Floral to my husband, Kent. Kent pushed me into doing it and saying yes when John asked if I would be interested. Kent gave me the confidenceto say yes and put myself out there. Kent told me that he thought I would really enjoy the change from construction and that I should do something for me. I am so glad he did! 

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What inspires you to keep at it each day?

My kids are my daily inspiration to keep working hard every day! I want them to see that you can truly do it all and that there are no limitations! You can be a parent, spouse, and business ower all at the same time! I am "mom" first, so I get my kids up and off to school some days I'll throw supper in the crockpot or at least have an idea of what I need to pick up after work to make supper. Then I head to work. Usually, as soon as work is done I am going to watch my son play a sport of some kind and lots of nights we finish with doing chores with our daughters before going in to have supper as a family. As long as I can continue to have days like that, I will get up  and keep going and be the most thankful! 

Why did you choose Chariton for your business?

I don't think I really chose to keep my bussiness in Chariton, I feel like Chariton chose me. Like I said Chariton Floral has been around for so many years, and has been such a supported and valued business in our community, it only made sense to keep it on the Chariton Square in the heart of town for the next chapter as Chariton Floral and Gifts. 

What are your biggest challenges as a business owner?

I would say my biggest challenge as a busines owner, is just doubt and the fear of failure. Nobody wants to fail at anything ever, and that is also what keeps me working hard to see how we can always better our bsiness. 

What are your biggest rewards?

My biggest rewards are happy customers, and a happy staff that loves to come to work everyday!

What will people get from your business that they won't get anywhere else?

At Chariton Floral and Gifts, you will find the most beautiful flowers and plants and the friendliest staff able to help you with anything that you need! Our attention to detail and our flower selection for our arrangements you will not find anywhere else. Our designers creativity is simply amazing!

Learn more about Chariton Floral & Gifts, LLC at:

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